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Ejazz Artistry – Smooth Pack 2

Asked after his marketing receipt Konstantin Klashtorni explains: “As I’m releasing quite a lot of music each year, so there is no budget to promote every single album. I did US nation radio promotion in the past to make a name in US, now doing only social media like Facebook and on my website. Each time a fan writes me an e-mail with compliments, I ask him to spread the word among family, friends, etc. I release also some compilations from various, which works quite well too.

I remember always the quote Derek Sivers, former CDBaby owner said: “You guys just have to write really good music, the people know to find it.” And I believe it’s the main topic musicians have to concentrate on. Like the song writers in Nashville, writing around 300 songs a year, and only the best 20 go online or get picked up by the star singers. That’s kind of my formula, put online ONLY the best tracks.″

Musical genius Konstantin Klashtorni starts his album Smooth Pack 2 with the luscious Let It Go. “The music has to speak for itself,” John Coltrane used to elucidate. “Words can’t do it.” In the case of Klashtorni it’s rather easy to describe his songs with enthusiastic attributes. He sets his arrangements to finesse and gives the listeners this certain feeling of happiness to have found the right music.

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