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Ejazz Artistry – Smooth Pack 1

Multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni asked after the special feature of the eJazz Artistry series explains: “There is not much specialty in this series except the more groovy and probably funky concept. Unlike my previous albums, in eJazz series I explore new instruments, playing less saxophone, more guitar and piano. I tried to make commercial Smooth Jazz, easy to listen and understand for (specially) US residents, as I “speak” on albums “their” SJ language using my background and influence as European.″

We Belong Together sounds familiar compared to Konstantin’s other releases. Describe it as a slow jam easy listening experience with a catchy melody recited by his most popular instruments, sax and guitar. The rhythm as an important element has its place on Just Fine. Guitar, sax and keyboards are the triumvirate of overwhelming easiness.

Konstantin’s ability to shift harmonics on the fly finds its expression on the shuffle beat based Love Calls. Fine keyboard sound tapestries combined with celestial piano play are the main elements of this groove oriented tune. You’re Mine offers shimmering keyboard chords decorating a repetitive theme.

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