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Phil Casagrande – Missing You

Missing YouBeing a writer, composer and producer Phil Casagrande shows great talent in all genres. From original solo piano performances, to pop music, to an amazing smooth-jazz original of “Let’s Groove”, he truly shows his range. In 1982, Phil worked for Atlantic records as a writer, and has also worked for Starlight Records where many songs he worked on ranked high on the Billboard charts.

Phil has worked with Jessica Cleeves from P-funk, he played keyboards, bass, synth, and even did some production on the Rap smash-hit “Inspector Gadget” (Bad Boys), he wrote and co-produced Paula Anderson’s song “Four Year Battle”-which made it to number 32 on the Billboard Chart with a bullet, and was picked up by Atlantic Records, he has also worked with Jeannine Carter, and has worked with songwriter and producer Dennis Johnson.

Currently playing out of his studio in NYC, Casagrande Studios, Phil has recently been working on some new musical creations that are simply breathtaking. His new album is Missing You offering  relaxed, enjoyable groovy and classy tracks is a main feature of Casagrande’s music.

You can find this his 3rd smooth jazz album at CDBaby.