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Absinthe Minded – Soundtrack for a Louisiana Swamp

Soundtrack for a Louisiana SwampWelcome to the world of Absinthe Minded. With Frank Ball on guitar, dobro, mandolin, and harmonica, and Jon R Smith on Sax, Absinthe Minded weaves a lush tapestry of the haunting images and sounds of Louisiana. Many natural sounds of wildlife and nature are incorporated into this production. We are a part of life in South Louisiana and it is definitely a part of us. Videos accompanying these songs can be seen at . The songs are written with the intention of being used as soundtracks for motion pictures. From the urban world of New Orleans to the swamps of the Atchafalaya Basin these songs will transport your soul to the heartbeat of Louisiana.

Absinthe Minded is their most recent project and this is the first in series of forth coming CDs. Absinthe was a popular drink in France and New Orleans in the 1800s until eventually made illegal due to it’s psychedelic properties. It is now legal once again and is gaining popularity. Drinking of Absinthe is referred to as “Dancing with the Green Fairy”. Absinthe has a natural green colour and was referred to as the Green Fairy. Two famous artists who helped popularize the notion that absinthe had powerful psychoactive properties were Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh. In one of the best-known written accounts of absinthe drinking, an inebriated Oscar Wilde described a phantom sensation of having tulips brush against his legs after leaving a bar at closing time.

Soundtrack for a Louisiana Swamp is a musical excursion into psychedelic dreams at CDBaby.