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Henry Robinett – I Have Known Mountains

For his fifth outing as a leader, guitarist Henry Robinett composed a diverse array of music. The result, I Have Known Mountains (Nefertiti Records, 2016), is an eclectic mix of sounds.

Performing with Robinett are Joe Gilman, piano; Tom Brechtlein, drums; Joshua Thurston-Milgrom, acoustic bass; Rob Lemas, electric bass; and Dominic Edward Garcia, congas and timbales.

“Crush” is an easygoing, moderately paced selection. After two passes of the melody, Robinett stretches out. The accompaniment is subtle, yet firmly engaged. After lulling the listener in with notes on the beat, Robinett shift gears to a high-speed series of picks before smoothly working back to the main theme. Timely cymbal splashes enhance this tune.

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