Erica Papillion-Posey – The Standard Reimagined, when jazz …

It’s a very different approach, to say the least. No drummer. No horns. Vocalist Erica Papillion-Posey reinvents some favorites for her debut album The Standard Reimagined, when jazz … (2016).

She’s accompanied by Chester Daigle II, piano; Jairus Daigle, violin; and Ken Walker, bass.

“Dindi” begins quietly, like the glassy smoothness of a still ocean. Papillion-Posey sings with an operatic quality. Interestingly, she pronounces the title as it’s spelled. Musically, this is a charming arrangement that’s sure to inspire many a romantic mood. The piano interlude enhances the moment, but it’s the soulful passion of the voice that makes this one of the finer interpretations.

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