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Rhythm Future Quartet -Travels

No piano and no drums, but it works. The Rhythm Future Quartet brings a different approach with Travels (Magic Fiddle Music, 2016).

The musicians are Jason Anick, violin; Olli Soikkeli, lead guitar; Max O’Rourke, guitar; and Greg Loughman, bass. The group gets its name from the Django Reinhardt composition, “Rhythm Futur.”

Loughman composed the opener, “Iberian Sunrise.” It sets the tone for this gypsy jazz offering. With one guitar carrying the rhythm, the other pairs up with the violin for a delightful duet. Then, the gear shifts. The guitars and bass accelerate to a frantic pace. A while later, the violin rejoins. The sound conjures a visual of time-lapse photography of a city with commuters going to work as the sun climbs into the sky. Another shift changes the view from wide angle to close-up of the hustle and bustle.

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