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Dwight Sills – Short Stories

dwight-sillsShort Stories is a collection of songs I’ve written over the years. Each has it’s own story behind it. As a guitarist, I grew up admiring so many different styles of music. Rock, Jazz, R&B, Bluegrass were all very prevalent in my musical growth and I’m sure you can probably hear it tucked away inside these songs. I’ve always wanted to record something I felt represented who I am as a musician, guitarist, and a fellow inhabitant of this planet. Short Stories encompasses that. I hope you enjoy the music!

Dwight Sills received an extensive review by Their conclusion: It’s a mandatory add to your collection. If you were later to the party and came in on the smoother side the spirit and the melodies here are going to transport you and the dynamic boundary breaking solos and shifts are exactly what you put your hands in the air for when you hear the music live. It’s rarely experienced on studio albums but Sills has managed to capture that here. This set is fired up, stretched out, melodic and adventurous. Dive in, you’ll love it and it’s going to leave you hitting that repeat button and wanting more. This album is on sale at CDBaby.