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Matt Geraghty – Trade Winds

Twenty-one days. Twenty-one improvised compositions. One hundred Cuban musicians. It doesn’t get much more creative than that. Bassist Matt Geraghty presents these elements with Trade Winds (2016), a two-disc set of 21 songs.

“With the softening of political tensions between Cuba and the United States, ’21 Trade Winds’ has brought together 100 of the most important names in Cuban music to build a bridge between the two nations through the universal language of music,” Geraghty says. “The only rule – new work be made in the moment.”

The tracks are listed in the sequence of the 21 days. The cover description explains: Trade Winds is a series of unprecedented musical collaborations that travel along the historic triangle trade route, exploring the history and evolution of music through improvised compositions. It seeks to reveal the cultural and musical footprint that was made by the trans-Atlantic trade route while creating a new model for music making in our globalized society. The liner also names the venue where each song was recorded.

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