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Bennett B – Midnight Passion

Berklee graduated guitarist Bennett Brandeis is since many years a constant factor in the smooth jazz genre. He started his career with the album Jazz Guitar (1995), followed by The View From Above (2001), Storytelling (2006) and Groove Time (2014).

Now he returns in 2016 with Midnight Passion. The new album is produced like the previous one by guitarist Paul Brown. In addition Brandeis is supported on selected tracks by Gordon Campbell, Joel Taylor (drums), Jervonny Collier, Steve Billman and Robert Vally (bass), DW3 (vocals), Marco Basci (keys, piano), Andy Suzuki (sax), Lee Thornberg and Jason Rahn (horns), Lenny Castro (percussion), and Darren Rahn (sax).

The best at first. With this motto starts the album presenting the title song Midnight Passion. The liner notes doesn’t reveal the sax player on this song. But he and guitarist Brandeis put the icing on the cake. By the way the secret sax player is Andy Suzuki.

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