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Jack Magnet – Global Warming

GlobalWarmingJakob Frímann Magnússon (born 4 May 1953) is an Icelandic composer, keyboard player, film director and producer. In Iceland he is best known as the keyboardist and one of the founders of the multiartistic band Stuðmenn, with which he has so far produced 15 albums from 1975 – 2014. After releasing several jazz albums he will now release his first smooth jazz album under the aka name Jack Magnet.

Driven by a warm, sophisticated approach to old school soul-jazz but with fresh, contemporary grooves and melodic invention, Global Warming, veteran composer and keyboardist Jack Magnet’s Woodward Avenue Records debut, is the urban jazz community’s powerful introduction to Iceland’s foremost musical icon and one of the most renowned Fender Rhodes players in the world. The album is scheduled for release June 17, 2016. Pre-order your copy at