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Darren Rahn – Sonic Boom

Canadian born and Denver resident smooth jazz saxophonist and producer Darren Rahn started his solo career with Soulful (2004), followed by Once In A Lifetime (2007), Talk of the Town (2009), Speechless (2012) and this year Sonic Boom.

On his new album he assembled premium musicians like Mel Brown and Julian Vaughn (bass), Tarell Martin, Anthony Jones and Anthony Steele (drums), Jason Rahn (trumpet, flugelhorn), Allen Hinds, Frank Selman and Matt Godina (guitar), Rick Braun (trumpet), Robin Eubanks (trombone), Jonathan Fritzén (piano), Rico Wint (vocals), Priscilla Rahn (flute), Michael Williams (Hammond organ), Morris Alan, Ronda Wilson, Yvonne Brown, Ian Pitter, Cha’Rel Ji’Cole (vocals).

The album starts with the stunning D-Luxe, which mirrors in several respects the multi-talent of this saxophonist. A perfect arrangement pairs with the mastery of several instruments. Not to forget the meticulous tuning while recording.

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