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Love Suggestions – Piano Night

Konstantin Klashtorni created this series for lovers to spend nice evenings together. Sax Night is the next to come out, probably this year. This collection is more R&B orientated. The first album of this series Piano Night was released in 2013.

Konstantin comments꞉ “I had in mind just a simple instrumental R&B style with nice melodies on it instead of repetitive, closer to rap melodies, R&B artists use to lay down. Smooth Jazz by itself is an instrumental R&B, but with much more elements of Funk, unlike straight SJ. I eliminate that “Funk” element, and instead I incorporate a nice romantic, melodious approach.″

Keeping that in mind the introducing Hey Girl enjoys with a mellifluous and fluid sound pitching the rhythm through a suburban undertone. Treasure comes with a whirring hum preparing the magic of the song marching to your ears.

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