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Brandee Younger – Wax & Wane

Continuing her tributes to the sounds created by icons Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane, harpist Brandee Younger makes her own mark in the jazz world with Wax & Wane (2016).

Younger is accompanied by Anne Drummond, concert and alto flutes; Chelsea Baratz, tenor sax; Mark Whitfield, guitar; Dezron Douglas, electric bass; and Dana Hawkins, drums and percussion.

“Soul Vibrations” has a 1970s, disco/funk vibe, influenced mostly by the rhythm guitar effects. However, the song takes on more of a classical feel with the harp and flute melody. After a few passes on the main theme, Younger stretches out for a moment. The music reverts to the theme. Then on the fade, Younger and Drummond step back and let the rhythm section ride it out.

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