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The Smooth Jazz Alley – Been a Long Time Comin’

12783510_1573495249642472_792489871970352253_oGrupo Caribe: Stan and Marco met many years ago in Grupo Caribe, a Latin fusion band that played different types of tropical music from Central & South America, Columbia and Puerto Rico. Marco was the co-leader of the band, director and played keyboards. Stan was the sound-man and played guitar. After a successful 10 year run, the band broke up, but Stan and Marco stayed in touch, jammed together and the eventual result was the birth of The Smooth Jazz Alley.

Their first recording was the original version of Stan’s Groove, which was recorded on an 8-Track Digital Recorder back in the early 2000’s. After a decade and four more versions, the final version that made the album finally came. Their musical chemistry has evolved and continues to grow – something they hope you will feel as you listen to the album. Been a Long Time Comin’ is now on sale at CDBaby.