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Anne Walsh – Brand New

Classically trained singer Anne Walsh reveals the spectrum of her work through her stylistically diverse releases. She started her career with Baby Mine – Lullabies From Around The World (2003), soothing vocals and beautiful orchestral arrangements of classic lullabies, followed by Be Still My Soul (2006), classic hymns in a meditative feel.

Her albums Pretty World (2009) and Go (2011) offer an eclectic soundscape of groove oriented Bossa Nova, standards and “lyricized” versions of classic instrumental jazz pieces. Brazilian jazz music is also the center of her album this year’s album Brand New (2016).

The style is themed in the first song Amazon River. The song was composed by Brazilian singer Dorival Tostes “Dori” Caymmi for his album Brasilian Serenata. Anne Walsh has written the lyrics for her own interpretation of the piece. Her intonation is perfect and the orchestral instrumentation superb.

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