Kool&Klean – Volume V

Listening to the albums of Konstantin Klashtorni the question arises, after traveling so many countries and performing with a plethora of artists, what was the reason to stop these activities and to start a solo career as a multi-instrumentalist without any connection to other artists.

Konstantin explains꞉ “I took from every place where I played and lived something, which helped me to enrich my understanding of music. I enjoyed living in Venezuela, Salsa and Meringue gave me that great loose feel, which is a very rare thing for a common European musician. In The Netherlands I played a lot of Pop and Jazz at high level with many US musicians, living there, it was also a great experience without living in US. But each country has its own egregor and brings a man to a certain state of mind. I’m talking about Germany – it has something very sophisticated and cool, which made me start producing Kool&Klean series, etc. Or I just took at that time (talking about 2010) a different direction in producing and creating.

At this stage I don’t really miss any of good musicians, because I like my music to sound exactly this way, each solo and each sound must tell myself a lot, – something is not happening when you hire even a very good player. I’m VERY jealous as to my tracks, or just haven’t met a REAL good partner yet.″

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