Bob Wijnen – NYC Unforeseen

To paraphrase Mac Davis and Stevie Wonder, music is a universal language that we all understand. It can take on a special meaning when songs are written with certain people in mind. Pianist Bob Wijnen uses that philosophy on his debut, NYC Unforeseen (2016).

Performing with Wijnen are Peter Bernstein, guitar; Dezron Douglas, bass; and Billy Drummond, drums.

The set opens with a dramatic, 6/8 rhythm, featuring Drummond’s dexterity. “NYC Unforeseen” is an upbeat romp through the city. Bernstein leads the melody, with Wijnen supplying fills. Douglas and Drummond stretch out aplenty, playing underneath Wijnen’s middle solo. The play summons visuals of forays into various nightclubs, seeking that perfect fit. Bernstein follows with his own jaunt. The baton gets passed briefly to Wijnen before the main melody resumes to set up the ending.

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