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Mikael – Grooveology (Prelude)

GrooveologyMikael is a professional and accomplished guitarist whose love for music began at an early age where he received formal guitar training in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Later, as a student at Howard University, he mastered his skills and talent, and was recognized by Walter “Clyde” Orange of the Commodores, and hence was asked to become a member of the legendary Commodores, where he played lead guitarist from 1995-2005. During his ten year tenure with the Commodores, Mikael was requested by Clyde to showcase his talents and write songs for the group.

His latest, CD, Grooveology (Prelude), showcases the never-ending time-line of a unique blend of smooth jazz, rhythms and blues and reflects his love for music. So that one can really appreciate the exceptional sounds of all the tracks, the listener may want to don their headset, especially for “Free Ain’t Free”, “Highway 105”, and “Dimelo”. If one enjoys the sounds of a SAX and the brilliance of great guitar, his remake of a Stevie Wonder hit, “All I Do” is sure to please. This arrangement is dynamic with a capital “D”. For those who crave Xceptional jazz, I think you will love the sounds, vocals, and instrumentals, carefully created and produced by the uniquely talented Mikael.

Available at CDBaby.