Laura Perlman – Precious Moments

From tragedy comes triumph. Laura Perlman. A lover of jazz since childhood, she achieves a lifelong dream with the release of Precious Moments (Miles High Records, 2016).

Musicians performing with Perlman are Bill Cunliffe, piano; Mark Sherman, vibraphone; Chris Colangelo, bass; and Joe La Barbera, drums.

An upbeat, bossa nova vibe accompanies “I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face,” Perlman’s spin on the classics. After Perlman lends her earthy voice to the lyrics, the band kicks it into high gear, with Sherman leading the way on vibes, followed by Cunliffe. An all-stop signals a call and response between Cunliffe and La Barbera. Two exchanges lead Perlman back into the mix. This is one of the brighter, livelier arrangements of this song.

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