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Sez Zion Jazz Band – Instrumental Chapters

Instrumental ChaptersSez Zion Jazz Band was formed in March of 2001. It all began with a desire of being able to play with great musicians that had the dream and the desire and love for God and music, as like the founding member of the band Cyril “Lamont” Williams.” Coming together seemed to be very easy to do, it seemed to all fit, the music was coming and the chemistry began to flow”. The ideas and the songs were based on each band member’s character and life experiences.

Sez Zion Jazz Band began to play at different venues and places and there name began to become well known. All compositions are original materials, written by each band member, and then smoothed away by music director C. Lamont Williams. Sez Zion has vowed to allow the music speak and become more aggressive with the changes that takes place in the industry as well to become more effective and up to date with all that’s coming out. The band has played on numerous stages and events, from small jazz café to the restaurant of Sean (P.Diddy) Comb’s Justin’s in New York. NY Jazz Festival, Litchfield Jazz Festival, and a few places to make a name for ourselves. We are currently helping out and serving as the house band for Scatz Jazz Restaurant and Lounge in Middletown Ct and Marisa’s Restaurant and Lounge in Trumbull, Ct. And recently played at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, Ct. Sez Zion has made a great name for themselves and will continue to do so. Moving forward and accepting nothing less than the best for what God has for them.

The music has been fashioned and tailored to fit the lives of people. With a smooth piano sound, heavy bass line and silky guitar chord accompanied by some experienced percussion fills to uplift the heavy heart and ease the mind with peace and joy! The long awaited CD Instrumental Chapters from this band has people on the edge of their seats. Sez Zion jazz band exhibits a sound of the most smoothest jazz ever with and edgy feel. It’s music grips you and takes you on a journey within the mind, heart & soul of smooth jazz.

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