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Groove Legacy – Groove Legacy

It’s all about the funk, or maybe it’s fusion. A group of Los Angeles-area musicians come together as Groove Legacy to release their debut, Groove Legacy (2016).

The leaders of this ensemble are saxophonist Paul Cerra, keyboardist Bill Steinway and bassist Travis Carlton. Guitarists Kirk Fletcher, Sam Meek, Robben Ford and Larry Carlton contribute here and there. Other musicians are Andrew Lippman, trombone; Lemar Carter, drums; Tim Curle, percussion; Chris Lovejoy, percussion; Ricky Peterson, Hammond B3 organ; Lee Thornburg, trumpet and valve trombone.

The opening track, “Sweetness,” is a tribute to NFL great Walter Payton. It’s got a smooth groove, reminiscent of the type of sound one might have heard in the 1970s when Payton made his transition from the Jackson State Tigers to the Chicago Bears. Cerra and Lippman team up for the lead, playing in unison at times and harmonizing. When Cerra breaks into his tenor solo, one can imagine a highlight reel of Sweetness in action. If the tenor represents Payton’s speed, Fletcher’s guitar personifies his agility and the Rhodes his gracefulness. The bass, drums and rhythm guitar exemplify Payton’s power.

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