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Lindsey Webster – You Change

“In an age where everyone is trying so hard to be someone, Lindsey Webster just sails along as … herself.” Those words accompany the bio on vocalist Lindsey Webster’s You Change (Maxophone Records, 2015).

The variable lineup of musicians who perform with Webster consists of Keith Slattery, keyboards, grand piano on “Bleed”; Tony DePaolo, guitar; Reggie Earls, background vocals; Dan Hickey, drums; Mike DeMicco, guitar; Jessie Murphy, bass; Manuel Quintano, percussion; Jen Cohn, background vocals; Ryan Joseph, violin and viola; Brandon Morrison, bass; Vito Petroccitto, guitar; Ken Gioffre, sax; and Jeff Jamal, rhythm guitar. Slattery, DePaolo and Hickey appear on most tracks.

The opening track, “Fool Me Once,” is a mellow groove, highlighted by Webster’s soothing voice, a soul-funk bass line Hickey’s steady rim shots. DePaulo’s guitar takes on a haunting, ethereal quality. Webster’s voice is like a wind instrument, perhaps an alto flute, especially during her wordless chant toward the end.

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