Kool&Klean – Volume I

Ukrainian-born multi-instrumentalist Konstantin Klashtorni has gone through many musical styles. With Peter Pashkov’s “Vuyko Band” he was exploring styles such as hard bop and cool jazz. With his own band he performed in the jazz rock genre. In Venezuela he inhaled Latin-American music styles and played with the Biella Da Costa band contemporary jazz.

Nowadays he is an icon of modern smooth jazz and is known especially by his popular series. He built the fundament in 2010 with Kool&Klean Volume 1. Although his willingness to collaborate with other musicians exists, he nearly creates all albums alone without diminishing the value of his music.

The maestro introduces into his magic music with My World. Flute and sax are the carriers of sympathy. The term Vanilla Twilight eludes interpretation. However, the music is graceful and reveals a lot about the great diversity of his electronic equipment.

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