3rd Force – Global Force

The group 3rd Force is part of the primary rocks of smooth jazz. In 1994 music genies William Aura, Alain Eskinasi and Craig Dobbin started with their debut album Third Force, soon followed by Force of Nature (1995), Vital Force (1997), Force Field (1999), Collective Force (2000), Gentle Force (2002), Driving Force (2005), and Global Force (2016).

Main symbols of their music is groovy rhythm in connection with esoteric world music elements. Musical guests on the new album are Lawson Rollins, Brian Hughes and a host of Nepali musicians. William Aura is extensively traveling Nepal, built a strong connection to the inhabitants and is a great supporter in the ongoing plight of the locals caused by the severe earthquake.

The album begins with a Big Shot. The well known shuffle beat combines attractive sax in the lead with guitar chords and key strokes. Breakout finds a smooth trumpet sound backed with a zesty horn arrangement wrapped in a funky guitar rhythm. The uplifting melody energizes the listener.

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