Jas Miller – Follow the Sun (Artist Edition)

Follow the SunAfter quite a bit of debilitating deliberating, receiving some great cover art from Blue Johnson (Al Jarreau, Seawind), after having done an initial release with my own cover art, and then re-listening to the album & radio editions of all the tracks; I found, In some cases the radio editions of the songs really flowed better. In others, it’s the album edition that makes the vibe flow best. In this release are my choices for each.

Stellar performances turnt by Michael Paulo (sax, Where R U), Elan Trotman (sax, Espressi Yo Selfie), Rocco Ventrella (sax, Isle Of Jazz), Gianni Vancini (sax, Jazz Now), Hans Zermuehlen (keyboards, drums, Cheaper x D Dz), Isha Love (keyboards, Isle of Music), Marco Basci (keyboards, Wriggle Rum), Nate Harasim (drums & bass, Isle of Music), Derrick Murdock (bass, Jazz Knew), Anthony Crawford (bass, Espressi Yo Selfie), Sergio Bellotti (Yamaha DTX drums, Follow The Sun), David “Fingers” Haynes (drums, Mm Mm Mm), Alexx Daye (vocals, Cheaper x D Dz). Jas Miller (guitars, basses, keyboards, horn & string arrangements, percussion, add’l programming).

You can download the album at CDBaby. The physical CD is only available from jasmiller.com.

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