Lincoln Park – The Best Of Freeze Frame

Born in Hamburg, studio musician Ray Bach began his musical creative period in the advertising industry. Working as an Art Director he also composed jingles and sound dips, but soon developed a deeper aspiration. In 1989. the beginning of his solo career saw the album The Book Of Movie Scores, released in 1991 on the label IC / Digit (Independent Composers I Innovative Communication) by Mark Sakautzky and Michael Weisser. This label, which supported the particular music genre of New Age and New Instrumental, described the music as “Light Jazz Urban Grooves″ better known in America as smooth jazz. At that time, as the music lovers understand the value of music, especially in the aspect of the CD the music business and the labels had no effort to spread the music.

Ray Bach released his music under the moniker Freeze Frame. While he produced his debut album in a short time, his second album The Crossover (1992) breathed jazz and featured the singer Gabi P. affording Bach to spend more time in the studio.

Early 1994 Bach released Loving Life which radiated pure joy of living with a natural beauty on the cover. These positive vibrations that reflect holiday memories are found in the music throughout the entire album.

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