Racha Fora – Racha S’Miles: Racha Fora Tribute to Miles

Racha Fora is a merging of culture, Japanese improvisation with Brazilian rhythms. Those cultures dig into the database with Racha S’Miles: Racha Fora Tribute to Miles (2015), a celebration of the music of Miles Davis.

The group is comprised of Hiroaki Honshuku, flute and EWI; Rikea Ikeda, violin; Mauricio Andrade, nylon string guitar; Rafael Russi, electric bass; and Benhur Oliveira, pandeiro. Special guest Dave Liebman, who performed with Davis, plays soprano sax on selected tracks.

The set opens with an interesting spin on Davis’ “Milestones.” The instrumentation melds East and West with the flute and violin figuring prominently. There are also significant contributions by the sax and the guitar.

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