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Peter Erskine – Dr. Um

An artful, comical drawing of drummer Peter Erskine says it all. Appearing in the gatefold of Dr. Um (Fuzzy Music, 2016), it depicts Erskine wearing a lab coat, goggles and rubber gloves while he performs a “procedure” on a tom.

Personnel on this date are John Beasley, keyboards; Janek Gwizdala, electric bass; Bob Sheppard, tenor saxophone; Jeff Parker, guitar; Larry Koonse, guitar solo on “Sprite”; Aaron Serfaty, congas, bongo, cowbell (on “Lost Page”); and Jack Fletcher, voice.

Ambient sounds from a waiting room, with a voice saying, “The doctor will see you now,” is the track titled, “You’re next.” That sets us up for “Lost Page,” a cool piece composed by Beasley. Gwizdala’s bass line is just a shade this side of funk. One can hear hints of fusion-era groups like Weather Report and the Crusaders. Guitar and sax harmonize for the melody. Doctor Erskine is in a groove throughout, assisted by nurse Serfaty.

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