Ernie Krivda – Requiem for a Jazz Lady

Cleveland, Ohio, is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s also a hotbed of jazz. In Requiem for a Jazz Lady, saxophonist Ernie Krivda sends a love letter to the city on the shore of Lake Erie.

Krivda plays tenor saxophone. With him are Lafayette Carthon, piano; Marion Hayden, bass; and Renell Gonsalves, drums.

“The Remarkable Mr. Black” is vintage, straightforward jazz. Krivda comes right out of the gate, blowing with vigor. The rhythm trio is firmly locked in, each player making a mark. But it’s the leader expressing freely from start to just beyond the midway point. Carthon takes point briefly. The piano is followed by a call-and-response sequence, with Krivda leading the band during the calls, and Gonsalves going it alone on the responses. It sets up a delightful ending.

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