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W.R. Sanders – Believe N

Believe NAll of the songs on this CD are so special, W.R. Sanders was blessed with this gift to play and perform. With the most comprehensive list of genres of music, W.R. Sanders loves Gospel, Jazz and R&B and he calls them “The sounds of Heaven” because his music make you feel good and it makes you wanna dance. This album’s song order “Believe N,” truly expresses the highs and lows we all face everyday of our lives.

Each song title has it’s own testimony within it’s self.In September 2012 the cancer disease try to take him out, His Dad and Mom instilled in him, his gift to play guitar comes from above, that belief made him a man, that inspired the way he plays that guitar! “My Father in Heaven helped me through all crisis, that’s why I named this album “Believe N” meaning believe in Him, just sit back and relax listen to this amazing jazz!”

Believe N offers a divine groove at CDBaby.