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David Gilmore – Energies of Change

It took five years, but the wait was well worth it. Guitarist David Gilmore releases Energies of Change (Evolutionary Music, 2015), a philosophical as well as musical journey.

With Gilmore are Marcus Strickland, soprano, alto and tenor saxes, bass clarinet; Luis Perdomo, piano; Ben Williams, bass; Antonio Sanchez, drums; and special guest Kofo Wanda, talking drum on “Dance of Duality.”

The title song opens the set. It’s a moderately paced, easygoing piece. Guitar and sax blend on the melody with each taking a turn on the lead. Strickland overdubs, bringing in the bass clarinet for depth and diversity. After a few passes, Strickland switches to the sax for a passionate solo, with the rhythm trio turning up the heat in the background. The group mellows some when it’s Gilmore’s turn to stretch out. Still firmly locked in but softer. That mood remains when Perdomo takes point. Williams and Sanchez are brilliant throughout. Intensity returns when guitar and trade phrases during the frantic closing.

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