Third Force – Global Force

Global ForceSince 1994, master musicians William Aura, Alain Eskinasi and Craig Dobbin have defined and personified the global Smooth Jazz music phenomena. According to Aura, “Our goal as artists, musicians and performers has always been to provide an audio avenue for people to travel that will allow them to transcend their state of consciousness, to uplift their spirit and invigorate their soul.”
Beginning with their debut album 3rd Force, to their 1995 success Force of Nature, on through last year’s top 5 record Vital Force, followed by Force Field (1999), Gentle Force (2002), and Driving Force (2005), the intent of 3rd Force hasn’t changed since they first banded together and has proven to be the foundation of the trio’s critical and popular success.

Current members of Third Force are William Aura, Craig Dobbin, Alain Eskinasi, Xavier Marshall, Mitch Manker, David Scott, Derrick Edmondson, David Thomas and their new album is called Global Force. You can pre-order this album at

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