Player A – The Jazz in Me

The Jazz in MeProducer Eric Copeland formed Player A from the session players in Nashville. Featuring guitarists Tom Hemby and Mark Baldwin, as well as bassist Gary Lunn, the first songs recorded for Copeland’s original album The Jazz in Me got the group started. “I’ve found that my love for jazz is deeper than just a genre or niche my music happens to fall under. The elements that make up jazz: improvisation, composition, rhythm, melody, structure, harmony, repetition…these are things that are part of EVERYTHING I do, not just music. And then the history of jazz is just a fascinating and, historically speaking, relatively recent ascension of a whole new music, that like classical before it, has it’s own forefathers: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, etc.”

“There is also my whole passion for Christian music, and trying to bring something different to the table there. God gave me quite different gifts and thought processes than other musicians, producers, and writers. I think it has taken this far in my life to see how and where my personal music, blending jazz and gospel, fits in. But I believe there is plenty to say about God in the context of jazz, that I could make CDs for a lifetime and never get it all out. The Jazz in Me is a step in that direction.” Listen to this album at CDBaby.

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