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Derek Turner – Exciting Moments

Exciting MomentsBorn in Los Angeles, California, Derek Turner‘s love for music began at the early age of 5. Growing up in the church, he received lots of encouragement from his dad who is also a musician. He watched his father play piano for the church choir and developed a strong desire for music. Thru the years, Derek has made countless accomplishments as a musician. Mastering 3 instruments drums, bass, and keyboards, and never taking music lessons, he learned to play by ear. As a youngster he would listen to notes and rhythms from old R&B artist such as Barry White, Earth Wind & Fire, Four Tops and so on.

In addition, Derek’s talent can be linked to well known artist such as jazz great Ronnie Laws, Stellar award winning gospel artist Daryl Coley, and R&B artist whose names include Gladys Night, Howard Hewett, and Jean Carne to name a few. For the last couple of years, Derek has been working on the development of his music company “Sync Dreams” which features jazz compositions and soundtracks produce by Derek himself. The primary goal is to make music for TV, Film, and Commercials. His passion has always been producing soundtracks. What lies in the end, hopefully will be a great deal of success for this talented individual the world needs to hear.

His new album promises Exciting Moments at CDBaby.