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Stephen Richard – The Gallery Sessions: Suite Movements Series I

The Gallery Sessions Suite Movements Series IWhat does music look like? This question is one many simply don’t think about. Hearing the music is enough for most however this project is all about visualizing music and having musical freedom. On The Gallery Sessions: Suite Movements Series 1 Stephen Richard views the songs as various exhibits in an art Gallery. When visiting an exhibit of abstract art no two people see the same thing and that’s what Richard wants to create with this project. If each listener visualized the songs on The Gallery Sessions what would they look like, what would be there shape and color. This project had no rules so while there are truly 4 songs on the project 2 of the songs were able to be broken up to create more exhibits or should we say songs, those songs then became suites and movements.

None of the music on this project was ever rehearsed, Stephen brought the musicians into the studio, conveyed his ideas and pressed record. There was only 1 take, so what you hear is truly the essence of Jazz. Richard calls this Organic Jazz, because it came from the soil. You find this treasure at CDBaby.