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Oscar Perez – Prepare a Place for Me

For his first two albums, pianist Oscar Perez focused on his composition. On Prepare a Place for Me (Myna Records, 2015), he shifts toward the playing side.

Performing with Perez are Thomson Kneeland, bass; Alvester Garnett, drums; and on selected tracks, Bruce Williams, alto saxophone.

“Just Everything,” a remake of a song from Perez’s debut album, begins as a tranquil piece. Kneeland and Garnett figure prominently, even though Perez is out front most of the way. After an easygoing beginning, the gears shift and the trio accelerates to a frantic pace. Which makes sense as the song inspires a visual of three joggers encouraging, helping one another on a long run, each with a different style. Kneeland running head over heels, Garnett with short, choppy steps and Perez gliding along.

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