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Ike Sturm – Shelter of Trees

At one time, conventional thinking was that jazz was evil – devil’s music. However, artists of all genres have incorporated spirituality into their music. Composer and bassist Ike Sturm does likewise with Shelter of Trees (Kilde Records, 2015).

Personnel are the bandleader’s wife Misty Ann Sturm, Chanda Rule and Melissa Stylianou, vocals; Loren Stillman, alto saxophone; Fabian Almazan, piano; Chris Dingman, vibraphone; Jesse Lewis, guitar; Ike Sturm, basses; and Jared Schonig, drums.

“Rejoice” has an ethereal, haunting quality. The voices help introduce the track, like a chorus of flutes. Then Lewis goes on a free-spirited romp, aided by piano, vibraphone, bass and drums. One voice sings a phrase, which is then echoed by the other voices and the saxophone. After two passes, the sax steps out for a moment, then the music fades.

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