Eugene Hunter Jr. – It’s My Time

Music is emotion. Music is sympathy. Music is human interaction. Keep that in mind and you understand the winning smile on saxophonist Eugene Hunter‘s face on the cover of his new album It’s My Time (2015).

Although the title suggests contemporary music, it was his intention to create timeless music. In the production helped him D. Edgecombe (Rhodes, Sine, Hammond B3, Moog bass, bass guitar), R. Watford (guitar), James Barrett, “Lil” John Roberts, Auturo Whitfield (drums), Marcus Cole (vocals), and Vincent Crenshaw (guitar, piano).

The album starts with the sleek and snappy Drive Time, which has an astonishing modern approach. Eugene is certainly high on his profession and his accompanying musicians are top notch. With the mellow Bermuda Breeze Eugene reveals his expressiveness on the soprano sax. The tunes are professionally arranged, performed and mixed. A great acoustic pleasure.

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