Rodney E. Foster,Sr – Fifty Shades

Fifty ShadesFast forward to today when I get to experience this album, Fifty Shades, by Rodney Foster, Sr. From the easy swaying cha cha of “Bali” to the 5/4 bass tempo of “Fifty Shades” I am reminded of those first early days when I fell in love with that smooth jazz groove. The slow and mellow,” Tunisia” is so popular that Rodney almost made it the album’s title. I have it on good authority that Rodney’s gift of producing outstanding smooth jazz tracks comes from over 40 years of honing his craft.

I watch him constantly listening and re-mixing and refining and selecting just the perfect components to go into each track. He makes it seem easy but it takes hundreds of hours to capture just the right feel and make one feel that they are experiencing a live concert. Day in and day out, Rodney is in his studio creating or refining what he has already done. I feel honored and fortunate to get to enjoy this new album, “Fifty Shades” by Rodney Foster,Sr.

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