Romain Collin – Press Enter

You’re at your keyboard. You’ve composed a cover letter, updated your resume or finished that manuscript you’ve been working on for years. Now what? Press enter. Those two words, uttered by legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter proved the inspiration for pianist Romain Collin’s third release as a leader. Press Enter (ACT Music, 2015) is Shorter’s advice taken to heart.

Collin met shorter and Herbie Hancock while touring India and Vietnam with a band from the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. Musing on people who spend their lives planning and dreaming without taking action, Shorter uttered those two words: press enter.

Accompanying Collin are bassist Luques Curtis and drummer Kendrick Scott. Guests who appear on selected tracks are Mino Cinelu, percussion; Megan Rose, vocals; Jean-Michel Pilc, whistles; Grey McMurray, guitar; and Laura Metcalf, cello.

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