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Rotem Sivan Trio – A New Dance

It’s different. Unique. Terms that can apply to any new music that’s engaging but have greater emphasis here. The Rotem Sivan Trio blends jazz, classical, Mediterranean and folk music in A New Dance (Fresh Sound New Talent Records, 2015).

With Sivan are bassist Haggai Cohen-Milo and drummer Colin Stranahan.

The title song opens the set. Good luck figuring its rhythm. At times, it sounds like an up-tempo waltz. At times, it’s a more conventional 4/4. Then there’s the abstract, the free form. Whichever the case, Sivan goes for it, playing seemingly unrelated phrases in a way that makes it all work cohesively. You might swear there are more than three instruments, as during some sequences, the chords sound like they’re played by a Fender Rhodes electric piano. It’s an interesting piece that gives the listener an idea of what to expect going forward.

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