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Ron Hurak – Chillin’

Chillin'Ron Hurak is a from Sarnia Ontario Canada and has been playing guitar off and on since a teenager. Ron’s earlier influences were Spanish music, blues, jazz and Bossa nova. Over the years Ron has developed his own unique style that allows his listeners to enjoy relaxed rhythms to soothe their soul. Often referred to as a lounge player, Ron prefers his music to be enjoyed as background music and his album is ideal for social gatherings, working at home or the office or just chilling out when driving. Sit back, close your eyes and feel Ron take you into a quiet place to rest your mind.

Ron’s music is the ultimate sound for sitting back, relaxing and chilling! Smooth jazz, easy listening blues, sweet Bossa nova and a touch of Spanish themes to make your day go easier. Get his new album Chillin’ at CDBaby.