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Gary Fuston – Forward

ForwardBased out of the west Oklahoma City area Gary Fuston has been involved with music practically most of his life from the time he laid hands on the piano as a child at the tender age of 10 growing up until the time he joined the high school band playing drums and percussion. During the last years of high school Gary was introduced to playing guitar with a group of classmates that formed an r&b funk band called the T.O.C. Band.

During the time Gary was a member of the group (1979-1982) he received an art scholarship to attend the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma as an art major and became a guitarist member of the USAO jazz band, from there Gary established his self as an artist composing a extended library mix of music in his collection of works under BMI. Gary works under his own personal music production company “G. House Productions” which is also in network with GHP RADIO a independent internet radio station that Gary runs in partnership with since 2002.

His new album Forward offers rhythmic groove and jazzy guitar mixes with influences from soul, r&b, and hip hop available as contemporary jazz at CDBaby.