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Curtis Brooks – Relax

RelaxCurtis Brooks embodies a new model of next generation leadership that merges INSPIRATION FROM THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE into one dynamic calling. His love for people ignites his passion to utilize the powerful platform of music to positively touch and transform the lives of people all over the world. Curtis Brooks; born Curtis Mark McCowen, Jr., had his first encounter with a saxophone at age 8 while in the 4th grade. The band teacher visited his class and said “If you join the band you can get out of class.” Out of class sounded like a great idea to young Curtis so he joined the school band, not knowing that this would soon become his passion. Now twelve years later he’s being called the new generation of smooth jazz; a child prodigy!
There’s nothing typical about him. In person and on stage, he’s got a spunky panache, but it’s laced with a timeless elegance. Curtis easily echo’s a Motown bebop soul with a slight nod to nineties hip-hop; while staying true to his jazz roots as a student of the Warren Hill Jazz Summit & Berkeley College of Music. He’s a visionary, rapidly becoming a prominent sought-after voice of vision, hope and purpose to Millennials.

Saxophonist, composer, and producer, Curtis Brooks plays by his own rules. Blessed with an astounding voice and natural knack for a hook via his saxophone, he’s redefining what’s possible within smooth jazz. Relax at CDBaby.