Arno Haas – Back To You

BackToYouGripping melodies, popular grooves, catchy fusion jazz – all this provides the virtuoso saxophonist Arno Haas on his second album Back To You. Together recorded with renowned musicians in Los Angeles and Stuttgart, the recordings have made the whole sound panorama of the current West-cost jazz and musical at the highest level. The thrilling tracks and crisp hooks have to inspire the right stuff, and each not-yet-jazz fan. That grooves, that is funky, simply magical! Haas is supported by world-class producer Tom Saviano. On “When love is real” you will hear the beautiful shining vocal sound of Evelyn Kallansee of the successful Band Tristan.

No one other than vocal legend Al Jarreau performs on the song “Lucky Chance” and praises: “Yo Arno, It was big fun working on Lucky Chance ‘Yes, I hope it’s a little magical moment on your record. You sound beautiful, man”. „For those of you who haven’t heard Arno Haas’s debut CD from 2013: Just make sure to fasten your seat belts, because Arno’s follow-up album coming in October of this year is going to take you through a whole new door.“ Tom Saviano.

Smooth jazz saxophonist Arno Haas new album Back To You feat. Al Jarreau, Evelyn Kallansee from Tristan, Randy Waldman, Arno Lucas, Michael O’ Neill, Bill Champlin and others. Produced by Tom Saviano. Released on 22, October, 2015 Don’t miss this!

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