Lorraine Feather – Flirting With Disaster

Singer/songwriter Lorraine Feather explores romance with the aptly titled, Flirting With Disaster (Jazzed Media, 2015).

Musicians performing on selected tracks are Russell Ferrante, piano and arranger; Shelly Berg, piano and arranger; Dave Grusin, piano and arranger; Michael Valerio, bass; Grant Geissman, guitar; Eddie Arkin, guitar and arranger; Michael Shapiro, drums; Gregg Field, drums; Carlos Del Rosario, percussion on “Wait for It”; Charles Bisharat, violin; and Yutaka Yokokura, additional vocals on “Feels Like Snow.”

The title song, with music by Arkin and lyrics by Feather, is a surprisingly upbeat tune. Ferrante’s piano and Geissman’s guitar effects give the song a haunting, ethereal element. Bisharat’s solo is brief but fiery. Feather sings of an attraction, giving in to one’s passion, knowing that the individual probably will be swept away, and possibly lose a bit of self, but in the moment, not caring. Voice and instruments complement one another well, making this something of a symphony.

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