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Baltazanis – End of Seas

Jazz may be an American adventure, but its appeal is worldwide. Musicians of many nationalities have adopted this art form. From Greece, we have Costas Baltazanis. His group, Baltazanis, presents all-original material with End of Seas (2015).

The group consists of Baltazanis, guitar; Dan Brantigan, trumpet; Isamu McGregor, keyboards and piano; Panagiotis Andreou, bass; and Engin Gunaydin, drums. Guest musicians are Alex Foster, saxophone; Rich Stein, percussion; Camila Meza, voice and guitar; Justin Tyson, drums; and Brice Wassy, percussion.

The music might best be described as ambient with an abstract twist. On “The Other Day,” Baltazanis plays in a Matheny-like style. The song is tranquil, right up to the moment Brantigan gets engaged. The trumpet adds a brief flare of intensity before the mood reverts to its softer side.

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