Jason Carroll and the Smooth Jazz Symphony – 2 Smooth

2 SmoothThe album 2 Smooth by Jason Carroll and the Smooth Jazz Symphony is ingenious, mesmerizing even. It highly relies upon creativity. There is an unmatched harmony within the music. Once you listen, your mind is sharpened as it is highly intellectual, an imaginative form of art. 2 Smooth is a combination of cultures and this makes it unique. It is a smooth manifestation of unspoken words that generate a great sense of equanimity. The style used is complex yet simple at the same time: simple to the listener but prepared with sophistication.

The album cannot be tied to a specific time and will not die with the passage thereof. It forms a special relationship with the soul. Carroll’s style is broad and shows the effort put into this piece of art. The combination of the instruments is excellent and binds together in harmony. The instruments are played in varied tones and the result is a variety of unique sounds that come out in unison. And Carroll is certainly no fluke as an instrumentalist. The instruments have been played in an interesting manner at a seemingly flexible tempo. Carroll is spontaneous at the very least, and his music feels vital in mirroring a person’s feelings in many situations. It speaks to all regardless of the language, culture or nationality. The album, 2 Smooth, also expresses emotions such as joy, sadness, irritation, and everything in between, in a way that normal words would not be able to describe. It links to and affects emotion in a deep sense. It compels you to love it, embrace and even attempt to sing it: it is that good. The emotion of the moment is captured and a new interpretation can be obtained every time one listens each song.

The composer exudes passion, one that cannot be found elsewhere, and one is able to form an intimate connection with his music. The album is a source of fresh air that energizes and can be compared to a stimulant. It is the new caffeine in town called 2 Smooth. The album is fresh and can be considered a friend in the time of need. It is an artistic expression of normal life and beautifies the ordinary. It draws from the experiences of life and the emotions experienced by people daily. It is like a person who talks to your inner self to calm you down and at the same time entertain you. It seems to fit into many situations in life: during a game, wedding and corporate events. It is not restricted and incorporates all individuals (a democracy of some sort). The instrumental diversity has been merged into the composition. It is a great addition to the artistic community and deserves a standing ovation. There is power in the ambiance created by the music which is welcoming, comforting and above all, serene.

Jason’s contribution to smooth jazz is remarkable. There is a familiarity that is found in his music that is friendly and addictive. It is a resourceful explosion which only pushes forward good feelings. You are missing out by not listening to 2 Smooth. It is a musical conversation that lets you bond with the album, a bond which will not be easily broken. Now get this whole package at CDBaby.

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