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Luis Perdomo & Controlling Ear Unit – Twenty-Two

Original music, combined with three players who bring their own passions. That’s what you get on Twenty-Two by Luis Perdomo & Controlling Ear Unit (Hot Tone Music, 2015).

Accompanying pianist Luis Perdomo are Mimi Jones, bass; and Rudy Royston, drums.

“Love Tone Poem” begins softly, as in a classical, solo piano interlude. Then, the mood sweels as the accompaniment enters. The swell is brief, as the song reverts to a more tranquil vibe, the difference being that other instruments are now involved. It gradually evolves into something more melodic, more contemporary, but never losing its haunting, classical quality.

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Rob Arthur – The Journey

The JourneyThe Journey is a collection of compositions that Rob Arthur has written over the past few years. You’ll find that each tune has a different stylistic vibe to it. Each was written during important parts of his life when he experienced joy, excitement, hardship, sadness, etc. These important times from his life have helped him understand the meaning of love more and more.

The Journey is his debut album and now on sale at CDBaby.

Sam Hunter – Unfinished Business

Unfinished BusinessSam Hunter formed several Bands and performed as a bassist, percussionist and unicyclist at night clubs and talent competitions. Sam performed with Top’s In Blue the Air Force’s premier Entertainment Showcase, in the Superbowl 19 Halftime Show as a Unicyclist, he went on to become the Sacramento Kings Mascot (The Court Jester). Sam toured Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Hawaii, Guam, & The Marshall Islands with The Stanley Baird Group as Percussionist.

Sam also performs with Moment’s Notice, The St. Ambrose Jazz Mass Quartet and other groups in the Raleigh area. He has also written numerous music beds and jingles for radio,and worked as a DJ for the former 103.9 FM the WNND in Cary, NC and is currently a very busy videographer and photographer with his company, Hunter Visual Communications (

Sam has shared the stage with various artists, including Patti Labelle, Miki Howard, Luther Barnes, and Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, & Steve Hobbs to name a few. His new album Unfinished Business is Smooth Jazz with Funk, R&B, and Latin influences featuring: Bass Guitar, Piccolo Bass and Latin Percussion. You find the album at CDBaby.